Why use a CTA?

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The difference between us and other accountancy practices is:   
  • You speak with us, not a secretary.  
  • The work will be completed by us, not a trainee.
  • You pay us for our expertise, not for a fancy office.
  • No delays and no excuses.

In the words of the Chartered Institute of Taxation 'By the time you find out your tax advice was poor, so are you'.

Don’t delay, call today. Be confident that you are meeting all your tax obligations whilst paying reasonable fees and 

The following extract is taken from the Chartered Institute of Taxation website: - https://www.tax.org.uk/about-us/cta-international-standard
'A Chartered Tax Adviser, or CTA, holds the ‘gold standard’ qualification in professional tax expertise and can be relied upon to provide the highest quality tax advice to business and personal clients.

The CTA designation is recognised and respected internationally as a mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

In order to attain CTA standard a tax adviser must pass rigorous examinations demonstrating a high level of technical knowledge of the tax system and an understanding of the high standards of ethical and professional conduct required of them.

In order to retain CTA standard a tax adviser must demonstrate commitment to their ongoing duty to maintain their professional knowledge and skills. This includes keeping up to date with all developments in the tax system in the areas in which they practice. CTAs are supported in this, and monitored to ensure they fulfil their commitments, by their membership of a respected professional body.

All CTAs are subject to high professional and ethical standards. These are governed by the fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour. The professional rules governing CTAs are published on the website of the adviser’s professional body so that all may have a clear understanding of the level and quality of service a client should receive from their tax adviser. There is a robust and independent disciplinary structure in place in the event of a client feeling their CTA has failed to meet these high professional standards.

CTAs are accountable to and supported by a respected professional tax body. In the UK this is the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT). 

The CIOT is committed to the advancement of tax practice, not only in relation to the setting and promotion of high professional standards, training and technical knowledge, but also in relation to the promotion of tax education and research. The bodies share a commitment to increasing public understanding of tax matters and to engaging with legislators and tax authorities in the pursuit of a tax system which works effectively and efficiently for all concerned – taxpayers, their advisers and the authorities.

In summary, whether you are an employer or a taxpayer seeking expert advice, you can be reassured that when you hire a CTA you will be taking on a tax professional who has proved themselves to be of the highest calibre'.

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