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Kevin McDaid, Chartered Tax Adviser (ATT, CTA) Ex HMRC, 30 years + experience

52 Albert St, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3ER

kevmcd@cta.org.ukTel 01274 214979, Mob 07939 222437

The difference between us and other accountancy practices is:   
  • You speak with us, not a secretary.  
  • The work will be completed by us, not a trainee.
  • You pay us for our expertise, not for a fancy office.
  • No delays and no excuses.

Mr & Mrs J (ex pats) - We found Kevin through an internet search as we were not in a position to ask friends or relatives for a recommendation because our specific requirements were quite specialised. We were looking for a tax advisor that had knowledge of not only UK tax procedures but international as well.

Kevin immediately came across as a consummate professional who had in depth knowledge of tax implications for expatriates, residency in UK and repercussions for investments in the UK for those who were not residents.

Our needs for information were quite select and complicated, Kevin relayed information to us that was at our level of understanding (we are not au fait with UK tax laws at all) and was able to provide us with information regarding Sri Lankan tax regulations as well, the country we semi-reside in. After our consultation felt we had a sound knowledge of our current tax situation and subsequent required courses of action. In addition to the residency issues and the tax implications this brought about, Kevin advised us regarding property ownership in the UK and the consequences regarding ownership, rental income from the property and what would happen when we decided to sell the property in the future regarding tax.

We will certainly go back for advice from Kevin in the future, his level of knowledge and ability to present the information in a manner we clearly understood was excellent. We found him very valuable resource and as important, a very amiable person.

Mrs S (Company Director) - We first used the tax services of Kevin almost 10 years ago when he was working for a local firm of chartered accountants. Having received an excellent service from him for a number of years (including expanding from a partnership to a limited company) we were delighted to hear that Kevin had set up on his own and had no hesitation in signing up as a client in 2012. He continues to offer a very personable and cost effective service. We would absolutely recommend him to any other small company like ours’.   

Mr M (Landlord) - I have used Kevin's services for six years and found him very knowledgeable and efficient.

Even though my background was spent in financial services and I have a reasonable grasp of the tax system, through Kevin's expertise, my wife and I have been able to secure many legitimate tax savings that I would not have known about. These have all been agreed by HMRC, saving us considerable sums of money for a very reasonable fee.

I would highly recommend him as an experienced and friendly professional adviser who is readily available to assist as and when required.

He is also very well informed on the Buy to Let housing market.

Mr W (Self employed,Tax enquiry) - I first met Kevin in January 2013 when I presented him with a bag of worms regarding a tax investigation by HMRC. Kevin was very professional and dealt with my enquiry to a fair and prompt conclusion. Since then he has VAT registered me which has resulted in me being able to claim back £,000s in respect of mileage, which is my biggest expense. First class service; I have recommend on a number of occasions.

Mr B (Landlord) - I began letting a property out in 2009. Kevin came to see me twice at my home (initially at short notice to get me registered for Self Assessment before the deadline) and then again to get the tax return completed. It was all done with a minimum of fuss for a reasonable fee; happy to recommend him.


Mr F (Sole trader) – Good price, good job, quick turnaround of books, no VAT which is good for a small business like mine. Suggested setting up a partnership with my son and showed me how much it could save me in tax in future. 

Mr L (Company Director) – Kevin completed my 2009/10 tax return for the first time this year. He noticed that I had not been claiming the correct amount of tax relief on my pension contributions for several years. Unfortunately, it was not possible to claim back tax relief for all years but at least he obtained refunds for 2006/7 onwards whereas if I had not used his services I would probably have continued to over pay tax for many years to come. Also Kevin has regularly advised me when a member of my staff has raised a tax query with me.

Mr G (Sole trader) – Kevin has done my books for years, no intention of changing. Happy to recommend him to other small businesses like mine, especially as he does not charge VAT. Down to earth, nothing fancy, decent price.


Mr D & Mr M (Partnership) – Very approachable, good prices. Explains things in a way that we can understand.

Mr W (Landlord) - I have recently been in contact with Kevin McDaid of 'Crown Tax Affairs', (March 2016) mainly due to the recent changes made by our Government, restricting finance relief on mortgage interest, which will greatly increase my tax bill. 

I found Kevin to be a very experienced, sociable man who has given me good, honest advice regarding incorporation of my property investment business, with a view to saving tens of thousands of pounds in tax in future years. 

I do not hesitate in recommending Kevin and will use him and his company again during the incorporation process and again in the future. 

Miss E (Company Director & landlord) – Conducted a thorough review of my letting income records, spotting that my letting agent had failed to pay my buildings insurance. He also advised me on the tax implications of a company share option. I recommended him to my father, who had a significant tax underpayment via PAYE, stretching back over a number of years. He could not understand how the underpayment had arisen or why it was fault. He had been using his own accountant to try to resolve the matter but he kept being 'brushed off' by HMRC with comments such as 'taxpayer's responsibility'. The majority of the underpayment was written off by HMRC once Kevin pointed out to HMRC their failings in responding in good time to information provided by my father's employer.I think it is safe to say that when you need tax advice you should use a tax adviser rather than an accountant who knows a little about tax.


Mr W (Landlord) – Kevin has been coming to my home each year for the past 5 years to complete our annual tax returns. He is a down to earth guy who sorted me out with my previously undeclared rental income. He has also suggested that I put my rented property into joint names with my wife and grown up daughter to use up their tax free personal allowances; the cost of the solicitor fees in doing this properly will be more than matched by the tax savings in the first year alone.  


Mr H (Sole trader) – Signed up with Kevin in 2010 for him to do my tax return; still with him 5 years on. His fee was less than half that of my previous accountants and just as good a service. He came to see me at home twice on an evening in January even when it was dreadful weather. I continue to recommend him to colleagues.


Ms. S (Non resident, Foreign Property Investor) – I had taken advice from so called tax experts previously but, unquestionably, Kevin is the most knowledgeable. We have conversed regularly over the past few months since our initial meeting and he has reassured me that my tax position is nowhere near as daunting as some of the other experts were implying it was. I think they try to scare you so that they can charge you exorbitant fees.


Mr R (Landlord) – I have followed Kevin through two accountancy practices where he was an employee until when he set up his own practice in 2010. He is very thorough. If I put an idea to him, he will check it out and if he says it is OK then it is OK, such as when I queried whether it was right to claim capital allowances on my let property. This resulted in a survey being undertaken, identifying over £30,000 worth tax relief that had not previously been claimed. This means that I am unlikely to be liable to pay tax on my letting income for quite a few years to come even though I am now making decent profits. I am given to understand from a few other landlords I know that their accountants knew nothing at all about claiming this tax relief. (See www.propertytaxadvisers.co.uk for further information on the capital allowances survey.)  

Mrs N (Sole trader) - Sorted me out with my 2009/10 tax return and gave me the confidence to get all my bookkeeping records together. He even obtained a tax refund for me for 2008/9 without charging. 


Mr R (Landlord) – Client of Kevin’s for many years – great attention to detail and happy to be contacted on weekends and evenings; well, I am assume he is happy, certainly he has never told me off!

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