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Kevin McDaid, Chartered Tax Adviser (ATT, CTA) Ex HMRC, 30 years + experience

52 Albert St, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3ER

kevmcd@cta.org.ukTel 01274 214979, Mob 07939 222437 

The difference between us and other accountancy practices is:   
  • You speak with us, not a secretary.  
  • The work will be completed by us, not a trainee.
  • You pay us for our expertise, not for a fancy office.
  • No delays and no excuses.

Member of The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) & The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).
Virtual member of the CIOT Property Taxes Sub-Committee since 2010.

TaxHelp for Older People volunteer since 2004. 

Registered with the ATT for the purpose of anti-money laundering legislation.

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) is 'the leading professional body for those providing tax compliance services and related activities in the UK’* 

The Chartered

 Institute of Taxation (CIOT), whose members use the title Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) 

holds the ‘gold standard’ qualification in professional tax expertise and can be relied upon to provide the highest qual

ity tax advice to business and personal clients.

The aim of the CIOT committees is to identify weaknesses and anomalies in legislation and drafting and make representations to HMRC/Treasury.


In addition to the above qualifications, I have 30 years experience in the tax profession (13 with HMRC) mainly dealing with personal tax and small businesses. 

One of the continuing obligations of being a Chartered Tax Adviser/Advisor is to keep bang up to date* with the massive changes constantly taking place in the UK tax system and to keep you informed of your compliance responsibilities and highlight the opportunities that may reduce your tax burden. *Indeed, it is a condition of my continuing membership of the Chartered Institute of Taxation & the Association of Taxation Technicians that I attend so many hours of lectures per year and undertake so many hours of reading and research to ensure my knowledge is current. (There is no such obligation on non professionally qualified advisers. Anybody can set up as an accountant or tax adviser - you should always seek to ensure that they are professionally qualified AND that they have at least a few years experience to their name). This does not mean just following the legislation changes imposed by the Government but contributing to HMRC consultations to ensure that HMRC proposals are, as far as possible, fair and simple.   

Please read the testimonials page to see what clients have said: - http://www.crowntaxaffairs.co.uk/about-us/testimonials since starting this practice in 2010.

For me, tax is not about fancy tax planning schemes - that is for the very rich and for big business. Instead, it is about ensuring that you, as a client, receive quality accounting and tax advice from experienced professionals so that you can be sure that your financial affairs are in order. We will seek to ensure that you do not pay a penny more in tax & NIC than you need to, regardless of the size 

In the words of the Chartered Institute of Taxation 'By the time you find out your tax advice was poor, so are you'.

Don’t delay, call today. Be confident that you are meeting all your tax obligations whilst paying reasonable fees and 

*From the ATT website http://www.att.org.uk/      


The material contained in this site is provided for information purposes only and is of a general nature. It does not constitute legal or other professional advice. You are recommended to consult with a suitably qualified tax professional before you take or refrain from any action.  Kevin McDaid/Crown Tax Affairs accepts no responsibility for any loss which may arise from or reliance on information contained in this site or other sites which may be linked from time to time to the site. Your attention is drawn to our legal notices section for further details.

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